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About us

Supply Chain Cube AG is a Swiss company founded in 2021 with one goal: Create the first all-in-one supply chain design solution.
Our team created Supply Chain Cube, a multi-purpose software that allows the customer to strengthen its supply chain in three dimensions: Cost efficiency, resilience and sustainability.

We are committed to deliver value to our customer and support them in their journey. Our international team is available for its customers and always happy to new supply chain challenges.

Our Motto: "Resilient Design"

Partnership Program

Consulting Partners

At Supply Chain Cube AG, we value our partners and make sure to work with the best.
Our certified consulting partners are trained on Supply Chain Cube to support companies in the following areas: Supply Chain Sustainability, Risk Management, Project Management, Software Implementation, and Supply Chain Management.

Reselling Partners

As a forward-thinking company, we hold our reselling partners in high regard and make sure to support them in their journey.
Our commitment extends to comprehensive training to ensure our resellers are well-versed in the latest releases and updates. It's our priority to acknowledge the efforts of our resellers and to proudly consider them integral to our shared progress.

If the prospect of becoming a certified reseller resonates with you, we warmly encourage you to reach out to us. Your interest is the first step toward an exciting partnership.

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