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Our cutting-edge technology offers optimization, scenario-planning, and strategic decision support to bring sustainability, efficiency and resilience to your supply chain.

SCC - Optimization

Optimize your network design, customer allocation, and production allocation for enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and increased resilience, empowering your business to outperform the competition in today's dynamic market.
Use case selection: try digital before you implement a new location

SCC - Resilience

Quantify your revenue at risk from supply chain disruptions. Identify risk sources in your network. Optimize your risk mitigation strategy, depending on your risk appetite. Create an adaptable supply chain that enables fast recovery from disruption. Prepare your business continuity plans.
Use case selection: Assessment of least cost alternative to mitigate risk

SCC - Sustainability

Sustainability is not a trade-off. It's a win-win situation for your supply chain. With Supply Chain Cube, you can design a sustainable supply chain that drives long-term profitability and positive societal impact. By embracing sustainability in your supply chain, you can:
But how can you measure and improve your supply chain sustainability? That's where Supply Chain Cube comes in. Supply Chain Cube is a software solution that helps you design a sustainable supply chain with the following features:
Supply Chain Cube is more than just a software. It's a complete solution for resilient and sustainable supply chain design that will take your business to the next level. Contact us today and let us show you how.

SCC - Scenario Planning

What if you could see the impact of different scenarios on your supply chain performance and profitability? What if you could compare and contrast various options and trade-offs for your supply chain design and strategy? What if you could prepare and adapt to any changes or uncertainties in your business environment? What if you could do all of this before you even decide which plan to pursue?

With Supply Chain Cube, you can do all that and more. Supply Chain Cube is a software solution that helps you create, analyze, and optimize scenarios for your supply chain design. With Supply Chain Cube, you can:

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